Why is it important to keep my plumbing vent pipe from becoming blocked?

Your plumbing vent is the pipe into which all of the grey water (wastewater) empties and is carried below your basement floor and ultimately to the City sewer. This pipe connects to the City sewer at the bottom and extends up through the roof at the top. The pipe coming through your roof is open. It is left open to … Read More

Should I be worried about ice damming on my roof?

Ice damming occurs to some degree or another on most roofs. Houses built since the early 1980’s are generally sufficiently well insulated to avoid producing significant ice damming. Older homes (unless subsequently retrofitted) generally lack the attic space and/or insulation necessary to properly insulate against heat loss. Ice damming is the accumulation of ice at the roof’s eaves which, as … Read More

Spring and Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

It is a good idea to inspect and clean your eavestroughs in the fall and again in the spring. If you happen to live in an established area of Winnipeg and large trees grace your yard your troughs should be cleaned in the fall after the trees have shed their leaves. This will ensure your trough will carry the snowmelt … Read More