Commercial Snow

About Our Service

We provide a complete package of commercial snow and ice management services. We clear snow at all kinds of parking lots and commercial areas throughout Winnipeg. We also offer snow pile hauling if space is at a premium in your parking area. To guard against pedestrian slip accidents as well as for enhanced vehicle traction we offer the spreading of sand/salt mix as well as liquid de-icer to maintain a snow/ice free surface on your parking lot, parkade access ramp, sidewalk or stairs. Any area with a concrete or asphalt surface. We offer both hourly pricing as well as a contract option. Give us a call for a fast free estimate. We can put together a complete snow clearing and ice management plan to maintain your parking lot or property to the standard you expect for yourself and your clients.

Commercial Snow Plowing FAQs

Snow contracts generally run from November 1st through the end of March. Some agreements include April as well but are generally five months.
Contracts for basic service start at $250.00 per month and depend on the types of services needed.
The answer on this one will depend on your needs. With a contract you are automatically scheduled for cleaning and are prioritized over other clients. Once our contract clients have been serviced we attend to our other client’s needs. If you require immediate service you will want the convenience of a contract. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your parking and walkway areas allows the surfaces to be maintained at or close to the pavement. Maintenance includes biweekly application of organic liquid deicer.

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