Parking Lot Sanding

About Our Service

We offer a salt/sand mix that provides both pedestrian and vehicle traction and helps breaks down ice and slippery, hard pack snow. This service is priced on a per application basis.

Our liquid de-icer solution breaks down ice, hard pack snow and prevents snow and ice build up between snowfalls. Our de-icer is plant/grass, and pet friendly. This service is also priced on a per application basis. For best results it is best to be on a program that allows the surface to be maintained completely free of snow and ice.

Parking Lot Sanding FAQs

“Sand” is often a salt sand mixture. The sand component provides excellent traction while the salt is an effective ice melting agent down to -12 degrees Celsius.
While de-icing agent does provide some traction, it is primarily an ice melting agent. De-icer is effective down to -52 degree Celsius. De-icer will also prevent the build up of ice and will melt light snowfalls applied.

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