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We offer an array of steel and aluminum soffit, fascia and eavestrough options as part of your new maintenance free exterior. We are proud to offer both 5″ eavestoughs (regular size) or the larger 6″ trough, as well as a regular, large and commercial downpouts and extensions. Our eavestrough extensions are cut as “flip up” style extensions where possible. The appropriate trough and downspout size right for your house is one of the recommendations our estimator will offer.

Our fascia cladding is available in several stock sizes and profiles or we can custom make the right fascia cladding for your project. Soffit panel styles can be vented/perforated or unvented. It is most common to for the panels to be a vented style as this fresh air is often introduced into the attic via vents in the soffit area. They require the perforations to allow air to pass freely through the baffles into the interior attic pace.

The time required to complete your project will vary depending a variety of factors but most residential projects that include soffit, fascia and eavestroughing are completed in abouttwo working days.

Eavestrough, Soffit & Fascia FAQs

This is caused by many different factors. The first thing to do is to make sure the trough and downspouts are clear of dirt and debris so that they are flowing properly. The next thing to check would be to make sure the eavestrough itself has the appropriate amount of grade or “tilt” in the trough,directing water towards the downspouts. If water cannot effectively reach the downspouts the trough will fill with water and overflow in during most rain events. If the area of roof draining into a section of trough is large it is possible that the eavestrough itself should be replaces and upgraded to a slightly larger size better suited too the handle the volume of water coming off of the roof.

Standard residential eavestrough sizes have been increasing over the years. Trough installed before the year 2000 is likely a 4″ trough size. The common residential size eavestrough is a 5″ size trough. We also offer a 6″ size eavestrough for larger residential and commercial roofs. Knowing the size and age of your existing eavestrough will help determine if a larger eavestrough would better suit your needs.

It is always possible that the fascia board (the board at back of your trough covers and the brackets holding the trough are fastened into) is rotten and needs to be replaced. If this is the case the rotten part can be repaired by cutting out a section of board between at least two rafters. In some serious cases the fascia rot is extensive because of advanced deterioration of the edge of the shingles and roof. In these cases the rafter ends behind the fascia board may also be rotten and in need of repair.

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