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We offer a fast, free estimates where a qualified estimator will provide a detailed estimate including any recommendations we might have. Our projects are professionally managed, coordinated, and supervised by our team. You can expect a professional, clean and well managed project backed by our enduring workmanship and manufacturer guarantees. Our post project cleanup is thorough and includes sweeping all work areas with a powerful magnetic broom to pick up any nails.

We handle all types of sloped / shingle roofing as well as certain types of low slope/flat roofing. We also do attic insulation and repair roofs with a sag, broken rafter or other larger concerns. We handle both commercial and residential work. We are happy to provide an estimate for your project big or small. From a garage to a shopping mall, we can roof it all.

Roofing FAQs

That would depend on the pitch (steepness) of your roof, the number of stories amongst several other factors. This is why we provide an individually tailored estimate for your home.
The answer depends on what kind of shingles you have on your roof. There are primarily two kinds; organic and fiberglass. Although fiberglass shingles have been available and used in Winnipeg for decades they exploded in popularity in the early 2000’s and are the only kind of shingle available for sale today (the manufacture of organic shingles largely having been discontinued). If your shingles where installed before 2008 they are likely organic shingles. Organic shingles will curl upward at the corner and edge of each shingle tab. This lifting can usually be seen from the ground. The shingles will also lose granular (coloured rock) as part of this process. This granular will be found in the eavestroughs and on the ground rainwater leaders (downspouts) discharge their water. If your roof makes use of fiberglass shingles they will also lose granular like organic shingles above. However, they will not curl or lift as they age. A visual inspection of the material will need to be conducted periodically from the roof to determine the condition of the shingles.
It is recommended to remove all layers of roofing material down to the wood deck. Removing a layer of shingles takes an average load of 2.25 pounds (over 1 kilogram) per square foot, for each layer of roofing material. It is also important to inspect the condition of the wood roof deck below to ensure and rotten or damaged wood is replaced before the new roof is installed. This is only possible if all layers of existing roofing material are removed, exposing the wood roof decking material.
We use only fasteners (nails) and techniques approved by the particular shingle manufacturer.

In short, yes. Please move back any lawn furniture bbq, delicate ornaments, lights etc that will be in the area workers will be walking especially if the item is directly under the eaves. Please ask any of our workers for assistance if there are any items for larger, heavy or cumbersome items. Also, please secure any items on walls as there can be some shaking in walls as workers move about the roof.

Yes, we carry both WCB and liability insurance covering all of our workers and all of our work respectively.

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